Archery club for Colchester & north-east Essex

Welcome to Colchester and District Archery Club

Glad you could drop in and share some of your enthusiasm for archery with us! You've found your way here and we hope you will stay a while and read about what we have to offer. The about us page and newsletter page make a good starting point. Don't forget to have a look at our gallery page for images new and historical.

We always welcome new members from beginners to experienced archers. For those of you who want to take up the sport for the first time we run beginners courses every year shortly after the start of the outdoor shooting season. Check out the events page for details of the next courses.

See the events page for results of the 2015 8th Southern Counties Archery Society Junior Tournament.

See the events page for details of the 2016 Bill Tucker Memorial Shoot.

Taster Days and Beginners' Courses

Dates of the 2016 Taster Days and Beginners courses have been decided, entry forms are available on the events page.
The indoor season has now started. We meet at 7:30pm at the Highwoods Sports Centre, The Gilberd school. Each week we shoot different rounds for various postal leagues or just practice. The Contacts page gives directions for new members and visitors.

Here at CADAC we have members that shoot Compounds, Recurves, Barebows and Longbows. Whatever your choice you will find someone to shoot with and plenty of people willing to help out with any problems, (archery related that is) that you may encounter.

There is a minimum age of 10 years old for juniors and you should be aware that all juniors have to be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian. Someone will be classed as junior up to the age of 18.

For those of you that are interested a history of the first forty years of the club has been transcribed for the web based on the booklet that was produced at the time to celebrate the event.

The club has registered its new club colours so that members can now attend shoots wearing them instead of the traditional green/white. Members can still attend shoots wearing green/white if they prefer. The picture below shows the club colours on a short sleeve tee shirt. The club has also registered all black for the lower body garments (trousers, skirts and shorts).

Useful Information

Need to know what an archery term means? Not sure what the club rules are? Do you need some advice about kit? This is the page that you need. Select the subject below to go to the page with the information that you are looking for.

Club Rules

Due to a change in curcumstances at the club ground the committee has proposed to implement some changes to the rules govering shooting at the club grounds. The most critical precautions are to observe the Rules of Shooting at all times – shoot only from the shooting line and never forward of it, and never use an overhead draw. This does mean that neither walk back tuning nor shooting forward of the line to get marks can be accepted. The committee recognises that this will cause inconvenience, but make no apology for insisting that the Rules must be followed.


History Of Archery In Colchester And The Club Beginings

Archery permeates the history of the town. Not always as a pastime. There is little doubt that prehistoric man splashed through the mud flats of our River Colne to shoot down the wildfowl. In Colchester’s castle, in a doorway, a Norman sentry, with his dagger carved out the outline of an archer to be seen today. Geese were reared on adjacent village greens for flight feathers.

In Tudor times there was an uprising in Essex against the Queen and the mob had their bows with billhooks and swords. In the 16th century the King called on the burgers of Colchester to provide for his army three archers with bow and 24 arrows each. Bows of “ewe” were recorded as stolen, and in 1587 in Essex a man was ordered to pay 3s. to the poor for bringing his bow and arrows into church, probably ready for practice after the service as then decreed. The bow was very much part of medieval life for poaching, hunting and war.

It is arguable that Colchester saw the last use of the bow in war. Not as a killer weapon but as a “messenger”. The Royalists in our Civil War came to Colchester and were let into the town for an overnight rest stop. The town, however, was laid under siege for 11 weeks. The year was 1648 and “tourists” came from London to watch.

But we move to the post war period. Bill got cracking in 1953 a month or so after arrival. A Colchester United soccer programme referred to Bill Tucker as planning to form the archery club for anyone interested.(Many years later he organised as pre-match entertainment shooting on the Layer Road ground with targets facing inwards from the four corners.) It was the outcome of the inaugural meeting in the town hall, the only room available being the court room so from the beginning, Colchester archers were in court with one or two in the dock! Bill Tucker gave a talk on the history of archery in which he said, surprising though it may seem today, that the sport had expanded more than any other since the war.

Where to learn archery basic techniques

Hobbies are ways of doing what you like alone or next to people who share common interests. If archery is one of your hobbies, London has a variety of clubs where you achieve skills or improve them. If you are new to this city, it is even more interesting to attend the lessons when you are accompanied by a friend or a charming escort Paris.

Colchester club is probably the most popular archery center where basic techniques could be learned at any age. However, you should have an idea about the available options before joining a specific club.

Where to take archery beginner lessons

Archery is considered to be a royal game especially in London. Given the popularity of this activity, there are many clubs organizing indoor or outdoor classes where you learn how to shoot a bow. The London Archers is a large complex which offers classes for people of all ages. Whether you are a local or just visiting this city, you can always join these courses.

Basic techniques can be learnt also at Archery Fit or 2020 Archery, two places who offer courses for beginners. Come with a friendly escort Paris, who has no idea about archery, to learn the basic skills even from the first class. Just like you, she will be captivated by the strategic thinking required when playing this sport.

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Learn the basic techniques in London

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A place that received many positive reviews is Colchester club. Here you learn different techniques of shooting a bow from the best instructors. They know how to progressively teach you and your lovely escort the important steps of this disciplinary sport without getting you bored. Their teaching techniques are interactive so you will want to come back for more. Additionally, this course will allow you to join a professional club within Archery GB complex.

Choose the most suitable archery club from the ones mentioned above. These will help you achieve basic skills and a more tactical thinking. What is more, you will feel like going back in time when archery used to be a royal activity performed by nobles. Discover the wonderful world of this sport step by step though the well-organized London courses.